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Intellectual Property
This website is intellectual property of EMCORE. The information presented on the following pages may not be duplicated, distributed or transmitted to any other person without written consent of EMCORE.

The copyrights and other rights to content, pictures, photographs, texts and other data on this website are owned by the authors, the media companies, EMCORE or by particularly designated rights owners. The reproduction of any elements requires prior written content of the copyright holder.

Target recipient and suitability
The websites of EMCORE are intended in case of www.emcore.ch for people in Switzerland, and in case of www.emcore.li for people in the European Economic Area and the European Union, especially in Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria.

The EMCORE website, in case of www.ecmore.ch, is addressed to professional investors with domicile or residence in Switzerland, and, in case of www.emcore.li, to professional investors in countries, in which the publication of contents of the EMCORE website as well as the access to it are not prohibited, especially to professional investors in the European Economic Area and the European Union, especially in Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria.

Interested parties with domicile or residence in other countries are requested to leave the EMCORE website.

In particular, neither the EMCORE website nor the information included therein is destined of US persons (private or institutional) within the meaning of FATCA legislation or pursuant to the SEC definition. US persons may not invest in any investment funds managed by EMCore AG, nor is EMCORE authorized to manage mandates for US person. If EMCORE discovers that a US person is invested in one of the products managed by it, it will inform the fund management company and, where applicable, other persons. They can urge the US person to sell the product or to tender for repayment, and, if scheduled in the conditions of the product, to also redeem the investment compulsorily.

Regional legal restrictions
The websites of EMCORE are not intended for persons in jurisdictions, which prohibit or limit publication or rather access to the website of EMCORE (due to the nationality of the concerned person, the place of residence or other reasons). Persons, to whom these restrictions apply, may not access the EMCORE website. In particular, this concerns persons in the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries, where offers for such products and services are subject to a restriction. Access to the EMCORE website is also prohibited, if it causes the necessity that EMCORE has to apply for an official permit or licensing in the home country of the accessing person, or that it has to register with an authority.

Any download or mailing of prospects, KIID, KID and other product information and/or advertising material to the above-mentioned persons also must not and cannot be done. If above-mentioned persons retrieve information from our website despite this information, EMCORE assumes no responsibility for possible consequences. Persons should consult a competent body regarding the legislation, to which they are subject.

The information and services provided on the EMCORE website are not intended for distribution to or use by natural or legal persons in jurisdictions or countries, in which distribution, offering, the provision of information or use infringes local laws or applicable rules, or in which EMCORE would be subject to registration requirements in those jurisdictions or countries.

All financial products, to which the EMCORE website contains information, are NOT authorized or registered for distribution, offering or any form of sale in the United States pursuant to the US Investment Company Act of 1940 or the US Securities Act of 1933. In addition, EMCORE is not registered as asset manager or investment adviser pursuant to US Investment Advisers Act von 1940. EMCORE explicitly states that this website is not addressed to legal or natural persons with domicile or residence in the United States, its territories or dependent areas or who are subject to the laws of the USA because of nationality or other reasons.

No offering and no recommendation
The information published on the EMCORE website constitutes neither an offer nor an invitation or an invitation, request or recommendation for subscription, for purchase or sell of financial services, investment instruments or financial products contained in this website or for placement of other transactions or for the conclusion of any legal transaction.

Exclusion of liability
The content of these websites is maintained with great care. Nevertheless, EMCORE does not assume liability for content correctness, accuracy, validity, reliability, correctness and completeness of the information.

Sources, used by EMCORE, are tested for reliability if possible. However, EMCORE assumes no liability that the information or opinions, contained on its website, are correct or complete. For the reliability of the used information sources also no liability can be assumed.

This website is for information and personal usage only. The content of this website can be modified without prior notice at any time. The EMCORE website is neither an investment advice or an investment recommendation nor a fiscal or legal advice. On this basis, no investment decision should therefore be made. Prior to the decision for an investment, you are recommended to obtain individual advice of a competent expert, in particular of a financial advisor, an attorney or tax advisor.

To the maximum extent permitted by current laws, EMCORE, including its directors, representatives, employees, sub-contractors as well as contracting parties, disclaims any liability for damages of any kind or losses, whatsoever arising directly or indirectly in context with (1) the content of the EMCORE website, in particular validity, accuracy and completeness and availability as well as links or contents of third parties; (2) any errors or omissions on the EMCORE website; (3) use of or access to the EMCORE website; (4) the inability of access to or the use of the EMCORE website due to any reason; (5) other unique or repeated damages, resulting from the use of (or from the impossibility of use of or access to) the EMCORE website and the content of the EMCORE website and/or therein included links.

In particular, EMCORE exclude any liability to the greatest possible extent for (1) lost profits, revenues, savings or other wealth losses; (2) loss of business or goodwill; (3) loss of or damage to data; (4) consequential damages; (5) useless expenditures, expenditure of time for management or (6) indirect or consequential losses arising from use of or access to the EMCORE website, even if advised of the possibility of any such loss or damage or if such loss or damage was foreseeable.

Links to other websites
The use of certain links on the EMCORE website can lead users to websites of third-party providers. EMCORE Asset Management AG has not verified these linked websites and therefore assumes no responsibility for the content of such websites or for products, services or other goods, which are offered on such websites; even if EMCORE render services to the issuer or provider of the corresponding product.

Performance of the investment assets
A positive performance of assets in the past does not necessarily indicate future developments of an investment. An investment may subject to considerable fluctuations. A complete loss of the invested capital is also possible. In addition, fluctuations in exchange rates can have a negative impact on the value of investments.

Terms of use for LinkedIn of EMCORE

EMCORE is using the social media platform LinkedIn («EMCORE-LinkedIn»). In context with the use, the terms beside the general EMCORE terms of use, in particular this paragraph, are binding for the users. They can be amended without notice at any time.

The access to EMCORE LinkedIn is permitted only for person at places, where the legal system does not prohibit the publication of the content of the EMCORE LinkedIn sites or the access to them. Persons who are subject to such a prohibition, for instance due to their nationality or place of residence, are not permitted to access EMCORE LinkedIn sites.

The content, opinions, analyses, financial market data, etc. published on EMCORE LinkedIn are intended solely for information and advertising purposes, where permitted under the relevant applicable law. They do not constitute any advice and no distribution of products or services. EMCORE provides no warranty and does not offer any assurances that the content published is up-to-date, accurate and complete. The information is made available by EMCORE “as is”, without any express or implicit assurance of any type.

Any information, opinions and other content on EMCORE LinkedIn reflect the views of EMCORE or of the respective author at the time of publication and may be altered at any time without stating reasons and without prior notice.

Any opinions and comments provided by users and/or on websites linked by users reflect their own views, which do not necessary coincide with the views of EMCORE. EMCORE accepts no liability for the accuracy of content contributed by users and is not responsible for any ambiguity or errors within such contributions.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn are services provided by third parties which are independent of EMCORE and of which EMCORE is independent. EMCORE is not responsible for the technical functioning of the LinkedIn social media platform or for its content, legal terms and conditions and/or terms of use, or for any other third party websites linked to by the LinkedIn social media platform:

Usage of the services of the LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“LinkedIn”) is subject to the LinkedIn Service Terms.

Any comment or act by users relating to the sharing or posting etc. of EMCORE content on EMCORE LinkedIn, is not controlled, approved or monitored by EMCORE. EMCORE reserves the right to block users, whose posts appear to EMCORE to be inappropriate or in breach of the law, or that could be construed as investment advice, (tax or) legal advice or sales efforts or offers. EMCORE further reserves the right to block any user whose social media sites contain harmful or inappropriate posts or materials.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, EMCORE, including its directors, representatives, employees, contractors and contractual partners, accept no liability for losses or damages of any kind resulting directly or indirectly in relation with the usage of EMCORE LinkedIn or of social media platforms in general.

Unless specified otherwise, all intellectual property rights (e.g. copyright and rights over registered designs and trademarks) over the material contained EMCORE LinkedIn are retained by EMCORE. Such material covered by intellectual property rights may only be used with the written approval of EMCORE.

Should EMCORE consider any information on external websites to be useful, EMCORE will link it for users of EMCORE LinkedIn. When clicking on such a link to an external website, the user leaves EMCORE LinkedIn. EMCORE does not provide any guarantee or accept any liability for the content of such websites. Links to external websites provided on EMCORE LinkedIn are used exclusively at the sole discretion and risk of the user

The actions of users on EMCORE LinkedIn may be recorded, used and analyzed for various purposes; for example, for marketing analysis purposes and the generation of statistics in order to improve the quality of EMCORE LinkedIn sites. EMCORE does not record or process any personal data of EMCORE LinkedIn users whatsoever.


The treatment of personal data is subject to the privacy policy, which is accessible on the EMCORE site.

Severability clause

Should on provision of these terms of use be invalid on whole or in part or should it be or become ineffective, the other provisions are not affected thereby in their content and validity.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

By accessing the EMCORE website, the user agree that the user access and the use of the EMCORE website, the terms of use as well as the legal provisions in case of www.emcore.ch are subject to Swiss law with exclusive court of jurisdiction in Zug and in case of www.emcore.li are subject to Liechtenstein law with exclusive court of jurisdictions in Vaduz.

English version
The English version of this disclaimer is only a content translation of the German version. Therefore, the wording of the German version is valid.